Idaho Start-Ups: Things to Consider When Starting Up a Company – A Lawyer’s Perspective, C. Clayton Gill

“Things to Consider When Starting Up a Company in Idaho – A Lawyer’s Perspective,” by C. Clayton Gill.


This manual is intended for start-up companies and emerging growth companies. The value of any company ultimately depends on the cash flows it can generate. However, before your company becomes profitable, it must weather many significant challenges. Growing a start-up is like raising a child. It must be nurtured, it must be fed (cash), and it must learn to become self-sufficient. But unlike a child, most start-ups do not have the time or money it takes to learn from their mistakes. This manual is intended to help you spot the critical legal issues you will face in the start-up phase of your company and provide you with knowledge to help you make informed decisions as you address those issues.

This manual will discuss issues related to the formation of your company, financing your company, how outside investors might value your company for investment and acquisition purposes, finding a location for your company’s operations, government regulation of your business, protecting your company’s intellectual property, employment policies and practices that you should consider, employment laws that may impact your business, and things you should consider regarding insurance coverage and employee benefits.

There are a number of questions listed below that you should think about when starting your company. When considering these questions, especially how you intend to finance your company and structure its ownership, think about where you want your company to be in five to ten years. Having answers to these questions will help your lawyer and other professional advisors better serve your company.

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