Moffatt Thomas is Silver Sponsor of the Idaho Water Users Association’s 79th Annual Convention

Moffatt Thomas is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the 79th Annual Idaho Water Users Association Convention, to be held in January, 2016.  The convention features a broad range of speakers and panels examining a wide range of water and environmental topics.  IWUA Conference, 2016 Program

Moffatt Thomas attorney, Norm Semanko, is Executive Director and General Counsel to Idaho Water Users Association.

About the Idaho Water Users Association:

The Idaho Water Users Association (IWUA) is organized to promote, aid, and assist the development, control, conservation, preservation, and utilization of the water resources of the state of Idaho.  IWUA consists of 300 irrigation districts and canal companies, agri-businesses, public water supply organizations, professional firms, and individuals from around the state that manage water supplies for more than 2 million acres of irrigated Idaho farmland, which represents an $8 billion industry.

More information on Idaho Water Users Association is available on their website:

Moffatt Thomas handles all aspects of water law representation, from transactional work to litigation. Idaho Water Law is technical and complex.  The firm’s water law attorneys have several decades of experience of providing practical advice to protect or obtain water rights, whether in the administrative arena or the courtroom. Moffatt Thomas is an active member in the Idaho Water Users Association, and the firm’s water law attorneys are active in Idaho water policy matters in both the administrative and legislative arenas.

Moffatt Thomas attorney, Norman M. Semanko is the Executive Director and General Counsel for the Idaho Water Users Association. Moffatt Thomas partner, Scott L. Campbell has been a member of the Idaho Water Users Association’s Legislative Committee since 1987.

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