Beyond academic excellence and strong interpersonal skills, Moffatt Thomas seeks candidates with diverse backgrounds, integrity, and a commitment to professional growth. The law firm looks for candidates to join our teams who have the ability to establish strong professional relationships.  Moffatt Thomas offers:

  • A culture of teamwork that celebrates success
  • Ongoing in-house training programs that promote professional development
  • Encouragement and support for pro-bono efforts and leadership positions within the firm and the community
  • State-of-the-art technology for practicing law while allowing mobility and for managing the law firm

Professional Staff Candidates

Professional staff at Moffatt Thomas know they are a strategic part of the team.  Staff members are recognized for the value they provide, the role they play in supporting our attorneys, and for providing outstanding service to our clients.  To attract the best talent, we offer competitive pay, generous benefits, and numerous training opportunities as an investment in their future.